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ARK is an architectural design software based on AutoCAD and AutoCAD Architecture. ARK is suited for designing large office, business, industrial, and public buildings, as well as renovation and property management.

ARK features

Efficient user interface

The UI consists of menus for frequently used tools, dropdown menus that adapt to the design process, and situational pointer menus. The user can customize certain menu and command files.

Fast and versatile wall design

Use the structure drawing system to manage wall elements and edit several views simultaneously. You can work in various display modes at different stages of design.

Adding and editing windows and doors

ARK includes a variety of window and door types. You can easily add and modify door and window objects, as well as define them using tolerances.

Data management and quantification

Featuring tools that are designed especially for the needs of construction and property management companies: Quantification of walls and wall elements, flexible scheduling tools, and spatial data management. Scheduling applications include support for data export to Excel.

Comprehensive 2D and 3D asset libraries

The asset libraries include a wide variety of concrete and wooden stairs, elevators, appliances, furniture, cars, plants, and people.

3D view and visualization

Create 3D roofs and floors, select the color for inner and outer wall surfaces, and programmatically apply materials to walls for rendering. You can also present doors, windows, and several other assets such as columns, furniture, appliances, and plants in 3D.

Other useful features

Custom measurement styles and tool menus, semi-automated measurement of walls and openings, multiple display styles for columns, translation to RT layers, sections, ceiling and interior design drawings, as well as semi-automatic generation of elevations and sections from the drawing.


General information
Licence type Perpetual
System requirements See AutoCAD system requirements
Compatibility Requires Autodesk AutoCAD software with a compatible version.


About ArkSoft products

  • All ARK add-ons require a compatible AutoCAD-software: The add-on and AutoCAD yearly release version numbers (e.g. 2024) must match. In addition, LT add-ons are only compatible with AutoCAD LT.
  • All add-ons require Windows operating system.

ARK 2025

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