V-Ray NEXT for Maya is a professional rendering software for VFX artists.

V-Ray NEXT for Mayan features

Powerful CPU rendering

Render superior images and animations fast with V-Ray’s highly-optimized and adaptive ray tracing technology.

Incredibly fast GPU rendering

Get an additional speed boost with GPU-accelerated look development and final frame rendering.

Variance-based adaptive sampling

Get cleaner renders with better noise detection.


Automatically remove noise and cut render times by up to 50%.

General information
Licence type Perpetual or rental
System requirements V-Ray for Maya system requirements

V-Ray NEXT for Maya

  • Price (VAT 0 %)

    425.00 €

Available Options

1,060.00 € 990.00 €
425.00 € 390.00 €

Tags: Visualization, Animation, Game Development