Digitalize your early-stage planning process with Spacemaker for fast and efficient site feasibility studies. Create and rapidly optimize the best options to make the most of every site and develop for maximum quality and livability.

Key Features

Improve site intelligence

Deeper understanding of sites to create holistic feasibility studies. Access valuable insights regarding sun, wind, noise, and more during early-stage site planning.

Shortlist more sites

Assess and analyze a larger pool of sites in parallel to determine the best options for acquisition.

Meet targets

Make confident decisions based on data-driven studies that show all the challenges and opportunities of a site and its surroundings.

Enhance collaboration

One powerful 3D tool that brings the entire planning team together. Benefit from smoother discussions with relevant stakeholders and make more informed decisions.

Increase resource efficiency by >50%

Traditional feasibility studies can be a drain on internal and external resources, involving complex workflows with multiple barriers between stakeholders that are slow and therefore costly.

With Spacemaker, all team members can work seamlessly and collaboratively in a single platform to rapidly identify and resolve site challenges, understanding the impact of changes in real time. Instant, on-demand access to analyses such as geometry, wind, sun, and noise for all sites enables smarter and faster decision-making without extra time or resources.

Reduce lead time by >50%

Traditional feasibility studies require time-consuming analyses, where compliance needs to be checked manually, resulting in fewer options being considered.

With Spacemaker, you can discover more options by quickly generating different design concepts, analyzing and understanding up to 100 criteria, including wind, noise, daylight, sunlight, and building area. Streamline dialogue with evidence-based discussions that allow for transparent, faster, and more collaborative and constructive projects.

Reduce risks by >50%

Traditional feasibility studies often limit risk assessments to general industry and neighborhood averages that may potentially lead to costly high-risk problems arising at a later stage.

With Spacemaker, drive designs with site-specific environmental data to enhance livability of indoor and outdoor spaces and to generate more accurate cost and revenue analyses. From height constraints and parking to outdoor area requirements, ensure total compliance with local regulations within a single platform.

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