• Fusion 360 Manufacturing Extension

This add-on product requires a Fusion 360 license.

Amplify your manufacturing capacity with this extension for Fusion 360®. Boost your speed with automation, while increasing control of your machine and processes.

Fusion 360 Manufacturing Extension features

Steep and Shallow Strategy

Improve surface finish and machine safely with a single toolpath for steep and shallow regions. Avoid dwell marks, remove cusps, and extend tool life.

Hole Recognition

Simplify and speed-up drilling by automatically recognizing holes, selecting tools, and ordering operations efficiently for faster cycles.

Probe Geometry

Measure features in-process with the probing cycles on your machine. Verify dimensions and positions of critical features, update tool wear parameters, and pause or stop your programs.

Surface Inspection Strategy

Create probe paths and evaluate results. Ensure your parts meet design specifications with on-machine verification.

Additive Manufacturing

Select print parameters, automatically orient parts for build success, and generate support structures and toolpaths. Export directly to select power bed machines or export a 3MF file.

General information
Licence type Subscription
System requirements See Fusion 360 system requirements
More information about this product in Finnish Requires a Fusion 360 license.

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Fusion 360 Manufacturing Extension

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