• AutoCAD + Bluebeam Revu

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General information
Licence type AutoCAD: Subscription Revu: Perpetual
System requirements See product specific system requirements:


About Autodesk products

  • Most products include access to the latest as well as five previous software versions.
  • All available new product licenses are subscription licenses. Most products are also available for occasional use via the Autodesk Flex pay-as-you-go service. Find out more.
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About Bluebeam Revu

  • Price includes perpetual license and annual maintenance. With maintenance, you get Bluebeam Premium support and free version upgrades.
  • Enterprise licensing allows you to easily manage computer turnover. View license details, free inactive seats automatically and allow temporary installation overage.

AutoCAD + Bluebeam Revu

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    890.00 €

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