• AutoCAD LT + ARK

The add-on is only available in Finnish.

AutoCAD LT + ARK product bundle harnesses the lightweight yet powerful Autodesk® AutoCAD LT® to Finnish design. No need for you to start from scratch with AutoCAD LT; the ArkSoft add-ons give you localized workspaces, tools, and assets.


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General information
Licence type Subscription (AutoCAD LT) / perpetual (ARK add-on)
Product download Click here to download AutoCAD LT for trial.
System requirements See AutoCAD LT system requirements.


About Autodesk products

  • Most products include access to the latest as well as five previous software versions.
  • All available new product licenses are subscription licenses. Most products are also available for occasional use via the Autodesk Flex pay-as-you-go service. Find out more.
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About ArkSoft products

  • All ARK add-ons require a compatible AutoCAD-software: The add-on and AutoCAD yearly release version numbers (e.g. 2024) must match. In addition, LT add-ons are only compatible with AutoCAD LT.
  • All add-ons require Windows operating system.


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    960.00 €

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960.00 € 940.00 €

Tags: General Design, Architectural Design, Structural Design, Building Services Engineering, Interior Design, Construction, Real Estate Management, Electrical Engineering

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